Rajmohan Unnithan resigns as Congress spokesman over Muralidharan’s wrath

Rajmohan Unnithan resigns as Congress spokesman over Muralidharan's wrath

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec28: Firebrand Congress leader Rajmohan Unnithan resigned as spokesperson of the party following differences in the party and has submitted his resignation. Rajmohan Unnithan gave vent to his wrath on Congress leader K Muraleedharan for the latter’s scornful criticism against him. A visibly emotional Unnithan, in his strongly-worded lengthy address to the media, replied to Murali’s jibe in kind. Later in the evening he resigned as Congress Spokesperson and handed over the resignation letter to KPCC president V M Sudheeran.

Unnithan told media that Muraleedharan had been criticised for humiliating the Congress. He even compared Muraleedharan to donkey who brays for sensual satisfaction. “I stick to my statements against Muraleedharan. Murali is a son who took a foreign trip on the day of his father Karunakaran’s post-death rites. Murali’s Sharja trip is a disgrace to the Congress. He should not forget the path he has travelled. Murali will not hesitate to “catch the foot” of any one for his own existence. He was the person who had said he would not turn up to lit the funeral pyre of his father Karunakaran. He called Congress president Madamma and Ahammed Patel Aluminium Patel. He also said that Antony needs to be thrashed. If all these statements can be proved wrong, I’ll apologise to Muraleedharan,” he said.

Unnitahan said he was happy that Muralledharan was a male and if he had been a female, he would have been a well-known prostitute of Kerala. “If I start speaking more about him, I will have to bring out a book on him. Who is Murali to speak against Congress? Certain people are attacking Congress by keeping eunuchs as their shied,” he said.

Unnithan also recounted the suffering he had to undergo to save the face of the party men when solar scam rocked the previous UDF government. “Despite constant snubbing from party leaders, I didn’t say anything against the party leaderships or party. I have been serving the party for the past 48 years and if I have brought any bad name to it, I am ready to end my public life,” he added.