Rajya Sabha member’s bill declares Pakistan terrorist nation

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Independent Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Friday introduced a private member’s bill to declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

“I had promised that I will do this after the September 18 Uri attack. The reason behind the bill is to put the spotlight on the need for India to take a strong view on Pakistan as a terror state. The main objective is to urge the government to take appropriate action to brand Pakistan a terrorist nation,” Chandrasekhar told IANS.

‘The Declaration Of Countries as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill’ states that “Pakistan propagates and harbours agents of international terror who have repeatedly attacked the territory and people of our country… (It) poses a continual risk to the peace and security of the region”.

The bill also provides for imposing legal, economic and travel sanctions on citizens of the neighbouring country.

The bill seeks to prohibit citizens of such country, which is declared a terror state, including its Head of the State, from travelling in India. It also asks for prohibition on trade, receiving or making grants, financial remittances, investments and assets along with maritime activities and overflight over India.

The bill states that immunity of officials of such countries shall be revoked and they shall not be offered immunity from any legal case in India.