Ramdev whose name is not mentioned in ‘Fake Babas’ list, sounds mysterious in Priyanka’s ‘Godman to Tycoon’?

Ramdev whose name is not mentioned in 'Fake Babas' list, sounds mysterious in Priyanka's 'Godman to Tycoon'?

New Delhi, September 19: Politicians or celebrities always stand in the limelight and they don’t allow anyone to criticise them or raise any controversial statements against them. A book published by a lady journalist against Baba Ramdev faces similar protest from his followers.

Baba and his followers approached the court for an injunction on the sale of this book. ‘Godman to Tycoon’ – The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev, by journalist Priyanka Pathak-Narain, has become a vehicle for so much controversy.

Disappearance of Swami Shankar Dev

Priyanka claims that Ramdev’s journey from rags to riches was possible through mysterious incidents. She mentioned about sudden disappear of Swami Shankar Dev who mentored Ramdev.

The land belonging to Divya Mandir Trust was donated to Ramdev by Swami worth crores of rupees. As per media reports, Swami went missing when he went for a morning walk in July 2007.

Priyanka felt suspicious because when Swami had disappeared, Ramdev was in abroad for a period of one month. Despite getting the news that his mentor had gone disappeared, Ramdev didn’t come back and stayed abroad itself.

Police couldn’t find the mystery behind Swami’s disappearance. Thus the case has been handed over to CBI who are still investigating the matter.

Mysterious death of Swami Yoganand

Priyanka points out about the mysterious death of Swami Yoganand who was a close friend of Ramdev. He was famous in the field of Ayurveda.

As per media reports, Yoganand in 1995 had gave the license of Ayurveda to Ramdev. Until 2003, Ramdev had manufactured Ayurveda Medicines with Yoganand’s license. Later in the same year, Ramdev terminated the contract with his close friend.

After an year, Yoganand’s body was found lying in a pool of blood at his residence. Here too, police failed to bring out the culprit and file was closed in 2005.

Strange death of Rajiv Dikshit

Another incident mentioned by Priyanka is the death of Rajiv Dikshit who was the guiding star for Ramdev’s Swadeshi mission.

Dikshit had led Ramdev from Ayurveda till Swadeshi Mission. Dikshit had designed the blueprint of business that Ramdev runs today.

His death sounds mysterious as he had participated in an event on the very same day of breathing his last. As per media reports, Dikshit died due to cardiac arrest and was found lying in the washroom after finishing the program. Next day when his body started changing the colour, his followers demanded post mortem. But, avoiding the autopsy request, Dikshit’s body was cremated according to Hindu rituals.

Maharaj Karamveer

Yet another name in the list that Priyanka mentioned in her book is about Maharaj Karamveer, who was the Director of Divya Mandir Trust. Getting into some differences in opinion with Ramdev, Karamveer separated himself from Ramdev in 2005.

Mr. Mehta

In a similar dispute story, Priyanka mentions about Mr. Mehta, who was the co founder of Astha Channel. It was with the effort of Mehta’s Astha Channel that Ramdev could achieve so much fame within no time.

In 2009, Ramdev got into some dispute with Mehta too.

Priyanka’s view:

The multi-crore business empire that Ramdev runs today has full of mysterious incidents behind it. Ramdev and his partner Balkrishna alone would be knowing about all these suspicions. 

Keeping the mysterious incidents aside, Ramdev is the brand image of Yoga and Ayurveda. Priyanka asserts that Ramdev’s journey from Bicycle to Charter plane is not any less surprising than the success story of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The author had got an opportunity to meet Ramdev in 2008 from when she started studying him.