Ranveer Singh candid about his dressing sense gets disapproval of Twitterati

Ranveer Singh candid about his dressing sense gets disapproval of Twitterati

Mumbai,Dec26:Ranveer Singh is a mystery. He openly promotes a condom brand by writing a rap song on the importance of safe sex, openly talks of his love for Deepika Padukone, while everyone else stays mum on their relationship status. He is the life of the film, even if it is one like Befikre. Let’s not forget: His flamboyant dressing sense is the talk of the town.

Face it: Ranveer Singh likes to be in the news whether he’s promoting a movie or whether he’s making a style statement. In the past two weeks, the latter has been the bigger story. Last week, Singh wore something that cannot be described unless you’re on Twitter. As someone on Twitter rightly said, Ranveer looked like he went into the ATM just when the machine was loaded with Rs 100 notes.

Another even joked that this was the after-effect of Smriti Irani becoming the Minister of Textiles.

Yet, Ranveer like always, didn’t care. On December 23, he dressed in a transparent black kurta, wore black leggings and even had a black bandana and shades to add to the look.

While many may consider the look as ‘grunge’ or ‘change-making’, Twitter wasn’t that open to the look.

Here are some tweets:

Pakchikpak Raja Babu


Deepika: Meri black salwar kameez kahan hai

Ranveer Singh: I am wearing it babe

Santa Chikna @Madan_Chikna

When your Secret Santa gift gets exchanged. #MerryChristmas

Sand-d Singh @Sand_In_Deed

When you want to wear a burka and yet flaunt your muscular body.

KRK @kamaalrkhan

Hey! @RanveerOfficial Chammak Challo, where are you going in Deepika’s Salwar Kameez.

Cashless @RingerLactate_

When someone enters a malaria belt, wearing a machchhardani and other protections.