Ranveer Singh labels Deepika Padukone marriage material in KWK

Mumbai,Nov30:Last Sunday’s episode of Koffee With Karan, Ranveer Singh was asked to choose who among Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma he would like to marry, hook-up with and kill. No surprises for avid Bollywood gossip hoarders like me that he said he would marry Deepika. He then proceeded to explain, with great nonchalance, why he would do so: ‘She’s complete marriage material.’ Not because he’s in love with her, or she is smart, or even because he finds her hot.

While by itself marriage material sounds fairly innocuous ,just someone who can be married , it does say that there is just one kind of woman worthy of ‘holy’ matrimony. Which immediately begs the question, what are the other kinds? Is your ‘awww’ at the flowering, frothing Deepika-Ranveer romance rapidly withering into an ‘eh…’? I get you.

The last time I checked, marriage was meant to be an informed decision taken by two people to formalise a relationship as per the country’s existing laws. And not exactly a character certificate. Then the idea of ‘marriage’ as a measure or proof of a woman’s worth is only as progressive as Baba Ramdev’s idea of ‘curing’ homosexuality with yoga. And as futile as trying to make cheesecake from gau mutra.

Now before we haul just Singh through the coals, let’s perhaps understand what is more alarming than an actor calling his alleged girlfriend ‘marriage material’. It is the knowledge of how the idea of a ‘marriage material’ continues to be inoffensive even among seemingly non-regressive people. A majority of people may not find it disrespectful or even a wee bit trifling and patronising.