Red Alert: Emergency Alert issued as flood hits Paris

Paris, June 4: Emergency has been alerted in the country as River Seine has swollen due to rain and has reached its highest level in the three decades.

There more than thousand people residing near the river who have been evacuated and around 400 have been forced to abandon their homes. Paris police are patrolling the waters of the swollen river which is at its highest level in nearly 35 years.

So far, 14 people are known to have died. In eastern Romania, two people died and 200 people were evacuated from their homes as floods swept the area

The Zouave statue, an iconic statue which sits on the Pont de l’Alma, one of Paris’s most photographed bridges, has been half submerged by the river’s rising level. The figure of the soldier which is currently half under water is an official mark that the situation is really bad in the area.

Officials in Paris have closed two of the world’s most famous museums. Staff at the Louvre which houses the Mona Lisa were evacuating thousands of works of art from underground storage rooms and the Musée d’Orsay closed early last night. According to reports, Flooding approaching the 1910 levels would put the fan zone created for the Euro 2016 football tournament under water.

Days of continuous rain have added to the gloomy atmosphere in France forcing the tourists to return back, also facing a third full day of train strikes after months of protests.