Refugee Crisis: Boat sinks in Mediterranean Sea carrying 300 migrants

Crete, Greece, June4: In a major accident, a boat carrying more than 300 refugees from Syria sunk into the Mediterranean Sea in the Greek Island of Crete.

Four bodies were recovered in the search operation and rests were rescued. After the boat capsized, three helicopters and several ships of Greek authorities joined hands to search for the bodies. The vessel was made of wooden and was heading to Italy carrying more than 300 people on board.

According to reports in Independent, ‘’ The coast guard said the 80ft vessel, believed to be a fishing boat, was found sinking by a passing ship around 75 nautical miles south of land on Friday. The coast guard said 242 survivors were being taken to Italy on a merchant ship, while others were being transported to Egypt, Turkey and Malta’’.

Recently prior to this incident, a boat met with an accident on 27th May off the coast of Crete which was carrying 65 refugees from Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan.

More than thousands of asylum seekers have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in recent months. More than 2,500 migrants have died at sea in attempts to reach Europe this year, while more than 205,000 people have made the journey. The majority of asylum seekers currently arriving in Italy are from sub-Saharan Africa.

As reported by Guardian ‘’Hundreds of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees took the short but dangerous route to Greece from Turkey last year in small inflatable boats. That crossing was virtually sealed after a controversial deal between the EU and Turkey in March. Now, warm weather and calmer seas have led to a surge in the number of people trying to reach Italy from Libya, where people-smugglers operate with relative impunity’’.