Relationship with Prince was strictly `professional`, says Martika

Johannesburg, June 4: American singer Martika, who has been constantly referred to as one of the several love interests of pop star Prince, has revealed that “it was a completely professional relationship.” Opening up about her relationship with the ‘Purple Rain’ hit-maker, the 47-year-old singer said that she visited Paisley Park (late singer’s house) only once with her mother “on a strictly professional trip to work on music” for ‘Martika’s Kitchen,’ her second album, reports

The ‘Toy Soldiers’ singer further said it was unfortunate that she didn’t get a chance to know the late musician on a personal level and clarified that she “wasn’t really part of his inner circle.”

Talking about performing the 1991 hit collaboration between Prince and Martika, ‘Love Thy Will Be Done,’ in her upcoming Australian tour, Martika said that rehearsing for the song takes on a different meaning now and the “timing for it has been very intense.” Martika continued that the legendary singer’s death is a great loss to the world, adding that the artists of his level “really know in their time what kind of an imprint they left on the world. He passed too young. Another one gone too young.”