Why is Reliance Jio charging only for data and giving Voice Call free ?

Reliance jio
At least 84 percent of the current Reliance Jio clients are required to subscribe to its Prime Membership in April, a study directed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch said here on Wednesday.

There is a technical explanation to it.

The company’s network only offers LTE service. ie Jio has only 4G capability and no 3G or 2G. Other existing operators have all the three. The existing operators transmit voice over 2G and 3G and 4G is used only for Internet data.

But on the other hand Jio uses a technology called VoLTE where even the voice is transmitted as data packets over the 4G network.

Please note this is different from mobile data which is only for mobile internet. Technically this transmission of voice through 4G is called Packet switching. Means packet switching is different from Mobile data which is only for mobile internet. This is the reason why even if one switches off mobile data in a Jio connection, calls are placed.

If your phone is not VoLTE enabled you will be able to make Calls only if you download the Jio app.

While the Jio technology is superior and latest, a Jio user ends up using huge additional data for every voice call he makes.

Thus in Jio one uses data for voice and Internet.

So when you are on the Jio network be prepared to consume high amounts of data and this is precisely Jio’s catch and that is why Jio charges for only data.

Another piece of interesting information:

Wow, the whole country is excited listening to news about Reliance JIO and their 4G LTE data plans. But, before you dump your existing operator or connection for Reliance 4G LTE, you need to understand whether there is really any benefit. Let me talk about the Rs.499/- plan as most of us may prefer that.

Reliance Jio is giving 4GB of data on the Rs.499/- Plan. The Reliance JIO uses VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Network. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, by which you make voice calls over the data network. So that effectively means all the outgoing and incoming calls are going to consume data from that free 4GB. So, you may think how much data may get consumed for every call.

Let’s take WhatsApp call as a benchmark. For every WhatsApp call on 4G LTE, data consumption can be about 780 KB for a minute (various sites have reported it after thorough testing). So, a user on a 4 GB monthly plan will have a total of 5,128 minutes or about 84 hours of WhatsApp calls. Now, replace the word WhatsApp with regular calls each month. Remember that this is for both incoming and outgoing calls. If you make or receive a call, the data meter starts ticking and you may be talking for hours thinking it is FREE but it’s not. Reliance says “Unlimited 4G at night” and you may again think that you can browse or talk for hours from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. But that’s not correct, the night as per Reliance is from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM. If you want to be awake that time to utilize the free data, Good Luck with that. I’m just talking about calls here and usage of FB, YouTube, Twitter, other apps that use Internet are not considered.

So what about regular operators? These operators (Airtel, Vodaphone, Idea etc) use 4G for data and 2G or 3G for voice calls. When you make or receive a call, it does not consume regular data. On the top of it, they have 4G speeds for your browsing or WhatsApp calling. With these regular operators, you will at least be peaceful that you are not consuming data when talking on phone. Think before switching.

The Grass always looks Greener on the other side.