Remonetisation: RBI begins printing Rs 200 currency notes

Remonitisation: RBI begins printing Rs 200 currency notes

New Delhi, June 29: In a bid to speed up the movement of remonetization, the Reserve Bank of India has started printing of Rs. 200 currency notes, according to media reports. Alike in the new 2000 and 500 notes, the Rs. 200 will also be packed with several advanced security features for preventing the making and spreading of fake notes. The proposal for printing and issuing the Rs 200 notes had been submitted to the government earlier, in which the government gave its permission now.

The issuance of the new Rs 200 currency would help in the day-to-day transactions of the public as well as in trades. It could almost solve the problem of the scarcity of smaller denomination currencies for the use of the common people. The central government’s expectation is that the introduction of the new Rs. 200 note would help to become a link between the currency notes which are already in use. It is additionally of the view that lower category notes help government’s endeavours at realigning cash blend in the framework. The administration likewise supposes it will counteract falsifying, subsequently, the new section is experiencing diverse levels of security checks.