Renault launches Duster Adventure edition in India

NewDelhi,Oct12:Renault Duster Adventure Edition has been launched. This is a limited edition version of this compact SUV that will be made available with some extra features and cosmetic changes. Renault had introduced this model on the older Duster as well. So, what is so new about the Duster Adventure Edition? We share all the details on this version. Read further, as we reveal more on this limited edition.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Price

The Adventure Edition is available with three variant options. Two have the 85PS engine and only one option for the 110PS. For 85PS Duster, it comes with RxE and RxL variants, and for more powerful engine it gets the RxZ. Following are prices on offer.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Price

Model Price (on-road, New Delhi)
85PS RxE INR 10.6 lakhs
85PS RxL INR  11.49 lakhs
110 PS RxZ INR 15.14 lakhs

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Colours

There are seven colours available on the new Duster. It has Amazon Green, Cayenne Orange, Comet Grey, Moonlight Silver, Woodland Brown, Galaxy Black and Pearl White. The limited edition version will be made available in all the colours.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Design

There are a lot of cosmetic changes on the Adventure Edition. To begin with, it gets a new black grille replacing the chrome one. The front bumper is changed as it gets cladding too. There are an extra pair of fog lamps. Then an extra black cladding on the wheel arches and even on the side profile as well. The skid plates at the front and even the rear. There is a bronze colour add-on on the roof rail. The D-pillar gets a compass vinyl on it. In terms of styling, this looks a lot more rugged and stylish when compared to the regular version of the SUV.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Interiors

On the inside, there aren’t too many changes. To begin with, it has denim upholstery that makes it feel different on the inside. Also, then the AC vents have orange surrounds. Then there is also the Adventure floor mats. There are no other changes on the inside.

All the other features that are offered on the Duster will be there in the same variants. In this way, the company is looking at selling more of these variants. Most of the fitments are simple and can be done at the dealer level. There is no difference in the space offered on the AE. So, five people can sit comfortably in the SUV and a large size boot too. The Duster even comes with cruise control, with buttons on the steering wheel.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition Engine

There are no mechanical changes on the Duster AE. This means that the same 85PS and 110PS engines will be powering the SUV. As there is no difference in the tuning, the same engine will be retained So, there is no difference in power or performance or even mileage. The 85PS is ideal for city driving. There is more than sufficient torque and there isn’t much need for shifting gears that often. The 110PS on the other hand will need some amount of gear shifting when driving in city traffic. Our pick is the 85PS. The Adventure Edition’s 110PS is available with AWD version. There is an Ecomode, which helps to increase the fuel economy by 10%.

Renault Duster Adventure Edition App

A new app, SmartDrive works on the Duster AE. What is this? One can keep a tap on the trip manager, digital speedo, document holder, speeding alerts, Renault helpline. Then there is also the Lap Timer and Time Trial.