Republic TV shamed again after following Sangh Parivar’s fake propaganda about Delhi Juma Masjid’s electricity bill

Sumana Nandy, Journalist at Arnab Goswami's Republic Tv resigns after differences in handling Gauri Lankesh's murder news

It was actually a Sangh Parivar propagated in the social media, which the Republic TV has telecast its breaking news.

As the reality comes out, the Republic Channel has been mocked at by many in the social media.

The Republic TV had yesterday telecast the news that the Electricity connection in Jama Masjid was disconnected due to the unpaid electricity bill.

The Republic TV has given the news as a breaking news with a question that the Delhi Jama Masjid Imam Syed Ahmed Bukkari Shah is able to buy a luxury car, but why not able to pay the electricity bill.

They went in front of the Masjid in the night and reported that it is dark everywhere and they counted the number of cars at the cortyard of the Imam.

The Republic Tv has come up with the fake news after the appearance of reports on certain propaganda websites of Sangh Parivar.

They reported that the mosque authorities are not willing to pay a bill of 4 crore rupees.

From August 27 it has been propagated in the twitter that, after getting Independence in August 1927, the mosque and the 2000 shops were not paying the electricity bill. But no links were provided that would support it. People have retweeted it more than 3700 It made it work for about 3700 times.