Retired man in Hyderabad loses Rs 48 lakh from his BOB account to fraudsters

Retired man in Hyderabad loses Rs 48 lakh from his BOB account to fraudsters

Hyderabad, Jan 13:: A retired man lost all his life savings when he was swindled by fraudsters when they took a staggering amount of Rs 48 lakh from his Bank of Baroda account in Abids in the month of December.

Syed Misbahuddin, employed in Dubai is a non-resident external (NRE) account holder, who used to send a major chunk of his salary home every month.

“We were saving money for my daughter’s marriage, and I had withdrawn Rs 8 lakh from my account on November 22 for the wedding,” said Misbahuddin, a resident of Abids.

The 65-year-old first got to know about the fraud when he was approached by a bank employee asking about the sudden withdrawal of Rs 48 lakh from his account.

“We were shocked and when I rushed to the bank, I learnt that Rs 9.21 lakh was withdrawn on December 16. Subsequently money was siphoned off from my account on December 20, 22 and 26,” the elderly man said.

Syed on December 20, lost Rs 8.71 lakh, followed by Rs 9.11 lakh on December 22 and on 26 December Rs 21,12,300 lakh was choked off from his account.

According to his bank statements, the cheques were deposited in the names of Pawan Kumar Jain , Harvik Enterprises and Sagar Ramesh Soni.

The cheque book was exhausted in November itself.

“When I contacted the bank officials, they told me that they had issued fresh cheque books in my name. Someone had obviously forged my signature,“ he alleged.

Bank of Baroda officials refused to comment and said they would speak only to the police.

Misbahuddin lodged a police complaint at the Abids police station later in the day.

“We are investigating the complaint and will track down the culprits soon,“ said T Rambabu, sub-inspector, Abids police station.