Revealed | Apple expert methods to get better battery life for iPhone

  1. Switch off location services. (I switch it on if I need to use Maps, else my default is off.)
  2. Disable push/ fetch email.
  3. Switch off Parallax, background app refresh, Spotlight search.
  4. Set screen brightness to a minimum you can handle.
  5. Delete Facebook iOS app. I don’t use it but she said it was a huge battery drain.
  6. Minimise notifications for apps.
  7. Choose a static wallpaper.
  8. Switch off 3G (this applies to London the most because our coverage is patchy & speeds not v good so the phone keeps handshaking which drains battery)

Apart from this list, check these elaborated versions too

1. Use the original chargers or manufacture-approved chargers. The third party chargers are also good if their rating is same as your original charger.DON’T USE cheap chargers or off- brand chargers.But most of the chargers have:

*Normal Voltage for chargers in mobiles is 5 V and for in laptop it is 20-25 V.

2. Most of the phones are smart as they have digital circuit breaker and it cuts off charging when a battery is at capacity. However, avoid charging your phone all night, at least for every night to increase the life span of battery.

3. Lithium-ion batteries heat themselves, and get hotter while they’re being charged. Similarly Cold weather can also have a negative impact on a phone’s life, and a cold battery will die faster than usual in low temperatures. Your phone will be safe andWould NOT Explode if you keep it within its recommended temperatures.

Fast charging mobiles usually gets heated while charging but its absolutely normal.

4. Your battery life will last longer if you keep your phone charged between the range of 20% and 80% charged. Avoid charging out of this range !

Avoid charging to extreme (100% charged or 0% charged), it would reduce the life span of the battery.Also avoid charging 40% – 60% charged to reduce the charging cycles as there is a limited number of charging cycles