Review demonetisation, act against black money hoarders: CPI

New Delhi, Nov 14 (IANS) The CPI on Monday demanded an immediate review of the demonetisation of high denomination currency and instead sought action against hoarders of black money.

“If the government is really sincere in curbing a parallel economy based on black money, it should take people into confidence about the WikiLeaks list of Indians holding accounts in foreign banks, the list of those with investment in foreign countries leaked in the Panama leak papers,” said a statement by the Communist Party of India.

“The government should take urgent action against such holders of black money,” it said.

The party said the new Rs 2,000 notes were causing more difficulty to the people due to shortage of notes of lesser value.

The CPI demanded banks to act against corporate defaulters and publicise the names of those who had made “huge deposits” prior to the announcement of the November 8 demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

“There are reports that a large number of people, including leaders of political parties, have deposited crores and crores of rupees in banks in the last month as they were aware (beforehand) of the demonetisation move. Banks should release the list of such depositors at all levels.”