Richard doesn’t need financial help from Stewart

London, Oct 25 (IANS) Singer Cliff Richard has reassured singer Rod Stewart that he doesn’t need his help in paying his legal fees.

The “Devil Woman” hitmaker, who was subject to a 22-month long investigation after four sex abuse allegations were made against him during 1958 and 1983, is planning to sue both the BBC and the South Yorkshire police for naming him as the suspect in the child abuse case, and for publicly broadcasting a raid on his Berkshire mansion in 2014.

While he was touched when Singer Rod Stewart offered to pay half of his legal bills, Richard says he is loaded and doesn’t need the money, reports

“I was thrilled. It was a heart-driven speech and I loved it when he said he’d help out with the legal fees,” Richard told Hello! magazine.

“Later I emailed him back, ‘Don’t worry, I’m loaded. I won’t keep you to it’,” he added.