Right-wing groups kicks start campaign against ‘Love Jihad’ from today

Right-wing groups kicks start campaign ‘Love Jihad’ from today

Mangaluru/Karnataka, Jan 3: Claiming to be highly disturbed by the increase in the number of Hindu girls being converted to Muslims along the coastal areas, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal together have decided to launch a massive awareness campaign against ‘Love Jihad’ from January 3-January 18.

VHP Pranth Pramukh M.B. Puranik told reporters that a committee will be formed to in every village of the coastal district, with members belonging to all caste organisations, Hindu outfits, and leaders of different NGOs.

“We are not against love or inter-religious marriage. Nor are we against any community. There are many cases where people of two different religions have married and are leading a happy life. But we are concerned about recent developments where Hindu girls are being lured by Muslims with a Jihadist mindset,” he said.

The decision has come after the recent controversy of Hadiya case which gained national importance, where a Hindu girl Akhila was converted to a Muslim.