Rights group denies North Carolina democratic tag

Washington, Dec 24 (IANS) The US state of North Carolina can no longer be considered democratic as both its legal framework and voter registration rated poorly, a voting rights group has said.

The Electoral Integrity Project said on Friday that it evaluated 50 elements in past elections and found out that the state scored 58 out of 100, ranking as the worst state for unfair districting and the worst ever analysed by the rights group, Xinhua news agency reported.

The state scored seven out of 100 for the integrity of voting district boundaries. Other criteria include legal framework, access to polling and how ballots are counted.

The state also had problems, including a large number of unopposed incumbent state legislators in the general election, poor districting that the EIP said displaces power, and the GOP’s veto-proof control as a majority in the state.

The EIP is an academic project created in 2012 based at Harvard University and the University of Sydney.