Rishi Kapoor tweets ‘begging bowl free’ with this Zara collection

Mumbai June 29:Looks like actor Rishi Kapoor is having a difficult time understanding the fashion culture of everything ‘ripped’ as he seemed baffled by the latest Zara collection which well…had a lot of ‘ripped’ stuff to offer on sale. The 63 year old actor took to Twitter as he exclaimed “Buy two get one begging bowl free. Sale at Zara’s”

He obviously could not conclude anything from the tattered style statement in today’s times. It only left him bemused and he couldn’t help but comment.

The actor finds Twitter pretty exasperating and decided to take a leave in 2015 from this social bird as he was hurt and he had vowed to never return back, only to start tweeting within half a day.

The veteran actor was last seen in the acclaimed Kapoor And Sons where he portrayed the role of Amarjeet Kapoor , the grandfather who unites an almost broken family. He has been very jovial in this movie and we totally loved him throughout. Going by the tweet from last week, he’s currently reviewing scripts and we are waiting for his next!

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