River rafting is a perfect Holiday idea for you

Are you planning a vacation? Do you have a  nose for adventure? Does the idea of speeding over icy cold, translucent, swirling waters, navigating rapids, boulders and whirlpools enroute, appeal to you?  If it does, then surely, river rafting is perfect idea for your holiday!!!

Of late, adventure tourism in India has witnessed a boom, and emerged as a major crowd puller – attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. Among adventure tourism activities, whitewater river rafting enjoys immense popularity.

Simply put, river rafting is a collective adventure sport involving white water i.e the roughness of river water varies along the path of its flow.  These rivers, fed by melting snow, or glaciers, incidentally, descend from the mighty Himalayas, to crisscross the North Indian plains.   Naturally, river rafting and its ancillary tourist activities are confined to mountainous, northern states.  As of now, it is concentrated in and around Rishikesh in Uttarakhand region. The ambience is perfect and the scope immense- as the mighty Ganges along with its tributaries, hurtles  down craggy hillsides, through forests and meadows.  Rivers Alaknanda,Kali, Dhauliganga,among others, have many  challenging rapids along their downward course. And these have interesting names e.g. Roller Coaster, Golf Course Cash Flow, Three Blind Mice , Return to Centre to name a few. The roar of the cascading waters   whets even a casual visitor’s appetite for adventure.  The little town of Rishikesh is the hub of river rafting programmes.  It is easily accessible by rail and road from all parts of the country. Once there, pick and choose from the numerous options available. There is the choice of a half day tour, and 4 – 5 day packages. Most packages include guides, rafting gear, life jackets, accommodation and meals besides games entertainment etc


If you are a first timer, it is advisable to go in for a simple level. The seasoned ones can choose expert levels. The levels depend on whether or not you plan to tackle the river’s current or merely drift along lazily.

The most popular sector happens to be Shivpuri -Rishikesh stretch, approximately 16 kms in length.  The entire journey can be accomplished in about three hours.  There is an early morning trip as well as an afternoon one.

Yet another river rafting camp has come up in Mori, where the adventurers can battle the  turbulent waters of Tons river. The journey ends at  Khunigad further down the river. At the end of the  day, tourists head back to Mori.


First time travellers must bear a few important points in mind. The best season is from November to June.  There is a stringent age criteria. Participants must belong to 15 to 60 years group.  Individual medical certificates are needed to prove general fitness and absence heart ailments, high blood pressure, asthma etc

So what are you waiting for? Drive up the verdant hills, and partake of river rafting –where human courage, confidence and team work battles nature’s fury and ultimately triumphs. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

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