Robbed man without knowledge of Hindi lands in mental hospital in  Assam

Robbed man without knowledge of Hindi lands in mental hospital in  Assam

 Kokrajhar,July10:With high hopes and little money, he sat out for this journey on the Banglore Express. As he stood near the exit door of the general class compartment of the train at midnight, a pickpocket tried to snatch away his money.

Akhila retaliated with all his effort. On seeing that he was not an easy target, the pickpocket pushed him out of the train. He did not have major injuries as the train moved really slow because it was nearing Visakhapatnam junction.

With blood and bruises all over he walked aimlessly towards nowhere. He walked through the night because he did not know where to go. The next morning when onlookers saw him walking in such a shabby condition, they mistook him for a runaway thief. They asked him his whereabouts. As he could not speak any other language other than his mother tongue, he could not answer their questions. This made the people affirm their doubt.

Without thinking of any other possibilities, they started hitting him. Akhila tried to explain his story to the public in his own native language, Santhal, but it was meaningless for them. They now thought that he was mentally retarded. Hence, he landed up in a mental hospital. He stayed in the asylum for a year.

The language barrier made it difficult for the hospital authorities to understand what Akhila said. Finally, he was able to provide his doctor with his personal details. After getting the information, the hospital authorities contacted the former Kokrajhar and the present SP for Darrang district in Assam, Srijeeth T, who in turn contacted Rajen Singh, the present SP of Kokrajhar. They along with police inspector Abhijit Gaurav successfully located the family.

On confirmation of their search, the Kokrajhar Police sent his elder brother to Visakhapatnam without delay and after a week, Akhila was home.

On asking how did he manage to be in in the hospital for a year in spite of being mentally fit, he answered, “I never knew it was a mental hospital. I thought I was jailed after the incident. I only got to know about it now!”