Robbie Williams finds modern pop stars ‘boring’

Los Angeles, Feb 26 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams thinks modern pop stars are “boring” because they don’ take drugs and diss one and other.

Williams thinks it is “weird” that artists are not as rock ‘n’ roll as they used to be, with antics which were all the rage in the 1990s such as trashing hotel rooms and feuding with your peers — like he did with his rival Liam Gallagher — all going out of fashion, reports

Williams blames it on the fact they are not taking strong enough substances or drinking enough booze.

“We were a different breed back then (in the 1990s) — cussing and dissing and needing to say things in order to be interesting. I don’t think people do that now. It was expected of everybody to be drunk and off their face on cocaine,” Williams told NME magazine.

“People don’t do that now — it seems so f*****g weird … If people did that now, it would just look a bit sad. I think it just depends what drugs are out there at the time. What’s out there at the moment? Ketamine? Or am I out of date on that?” he added.