Robbie Williams’s new album gave him anxiety

Los Angeles, Nov 5 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams was suffering with crippling anxiety while working on his new record ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’.

“I get anxiety about the album and it’s not like it started last week. I took it into the studio with me for the last three year. I’m terrified of releasing it. When I release a video or a song, lots of people are angry anyway. There’s a lot of people that like but there’s a lot of people that really hate me,” William told

“I don’t doubt that the truth is there’s a 140 million people going, ‘That Robbie Williams, he’s a w*****!’,” William added.

Meanwhile, Williams recently said he fears he doesn’t “deserve” his BRITs Icon Award.

The “Rock DJ” hitmaker will pick up the special statuette in recognition of his incredible career at a special event later this month, but he’s concerned his “low self-esteem issues” will prevent him from enjoying the occasion.

“It is an honour but what happens is like a mirror going to me, ‘You don’t deserve this’. I will try my best to enjoy the evening but you know I’m a cracked person with low self-esteem issues,” he said.