Rohith Shahadat Din: ”We should send Radhika ma to the parliament to fight Smriti Irani”

The day Jan 17, Rohith Vemula ended his life observed as Rohith Shahadat Din. The voice of dissents against the government is reverberating at the University of Hyderabad with huge informed people who follow the cause. The collective voice of the gathered crowd urged to seek new methods of protest to fight for the justice of minority.

Renowned advocate, Dr. Jai Bheema Rao’s stand to defend the marginalisation will surely be marked as a solid argument against Smriti Irani who was the HR ministry head when Rohith died. Rao said that ‘We should send Radhika ma to the parliament to fight Smriti Irani’ . Radhika Vemula who have become the front face of Dalit movement across the country warned Smriti Irani that, she is sending all her children to the parliament to counter Smriti Irani.

Dalit activist Prakash Ambedkar, Prof Kancha Ilaiah, Radhika Vemula, Sujatha Surepally, Kaki Madhav Rao, Suraj Yengde and Grace Banu talked about their vision towards the future of the Rohith movement. The discussion about absorbing and practising new methods of protest to raise the voice of dissent is one of the main outcomes of Shahadat din.

Dr Sujatha Surepally talked emotionally about the lynching in the name of nationalism and she asked ”We’re being killed in the name of nationalism. Whose nation is this? Who are we’?.

Prof. Kancha Ellaih’s intriguing talk about how Rohith inspired him will surely disturb the authority. He said that ‘When Socrates died he probably inspired Plato and Aristotle. At the age of 25 when Rohith Vemula died, I’m not sure the number of people he inspired, but at the age of 65 I was surely inspired.”

Dalit camera, an active cyber representation of minority movement tweeted about the ongoing events and conveyed the idea of the Rohith Shahadat din.