Romance drama between Rane Bennur woman SI and younger man ends in Mexican standoff in Karnataka

Romance drama between Rane Bennur woman SI and younger man ends in Mexican standoff in Karnataka

Rane Bennur, June2:A woman police sub inspector fell in love with a man much younger to her, was even ready to die for him and had written a suicide note, got married to him but has suddenly made a volte-face and has deserted him.  The dejected husband is seeking justice.

In a strange love story, a woman PSI, Annapurna (34), posted at women’s police station at Ratte Halli station, Haveri, fell in love with Maruthi (28) of Agaradalli, Bhadravathi. The two had come in contact when Maruthi wanted to construct a show room at Davanagere and required sand for the construction. At  that time, Annapurna was PSI at Rane Bennur police station and Maruthi had spoken to her a couple of times on phone requesting her to facilitate procuring sand. She obliged and later they were communicating through Whatsup.  Despite the age gap, Annapurna fell madly in love with Maruthi. However, Maruthi had told her that his family had looked for a different alliance for him and as he was offered huge dowry, he wanted to go for that and asked Annapurna to forget him. In a desperate attempt, Annapurna wrote a suicide note that all her property should go to Maruthi, whom she addressed as her husband, and wanted to commit suicide.  Maruthi was impressed by this and accepted her love. She also provided him money. They got married at a temple behind the Ratte Halli police station.

Subsequently, Maruthi informed Annapurna’s family about the wedding and had even sent the photographs. At this point, Annapurna’s family outright rejected the wedding and threatened to commit suicide if she insisted on going ahead with it. This made Annapurna to change her mind and she separated from Maruthi and asking him to forget her. Now, Maruthi does not want to let go and is insisting that Annapurna is his wife and she should come and live with him.

The actual reason for the opposition from Annapurna’s family is not ascertained. Whether it is the caste difference or Maruthi’s habit of lying is not clear.  Only  Annapurna knows the truth.