Rose petals can make you lose weight! Learn how


Rose petals can make you lose weight! Learn how

By ILT Staff Reporter

February 08, 2018

While you gift a rose to your loved ones, have you ever imagined that you could munch on the petals to lose weight?

From helping you to lose weight, rose can be a natural aphrodisiac too

Helps lose weight and boost metabolism

Rose petals can be eaten raw or made into a paste adding fenugreek and little water, helping you to shed the extra fat.

Helps to have a glowing skin

If your skin is prone to acne or marks, apply a paste of rose petals and multani mitti (Fuller’s Clay) to your skin and leave it to dry. Continue it for a week to have radiant skin. Roses are also considered as best astringents helping to tighten to open pores.

Helps fight back piles

Rose can be used as a natural treatment to piles. Being rich in water and fiber content, it helps in digestion.

Best, natural aphrodisiac

Rose petals are a natural aphrodisiac. According to, Ayurveda says they can activate the pleasure cells in our body and make us feel more sexually aroused and active.