In Rs 500 note crunch, Delhi cabbie’s message to passenger goes viral

New Delhi, Nov 12: PM Modi’s demonetisation move may be hailed by many for its efforts against black money. However, a post speaking of a cabbie’s reaction has gone viral with over 27,000 reactions.

New Delhi-based Viplav Arora booked a cab to take him to the railway station. Since he only had Rs 500 notes with him, he chose an online transaction to pay for the ride. “But somehow my bill for ride was little over the amount I had in Ola money and rest of amount I was supposed to pay to driver in cash,” he says on Facebook.

With ATMs not working, Arora was in a fix. He also knew no one would exchange the note for a smaller amount. That’s when his driver said the most wonderful thing.

“Sir, baaki ke paise rehne dijiye, do paise kam kama lenge, thodi si takleef hogi or vo to sab ko ho rhi hai, ab sarkaar ke faisley ka samaan krte hue, desh ki tarakki me ye hamara yogdaan hi samajh lenge. Aap befikr hokar apni train lijiye. (Sir, please let the rest of the amount be. It’s alright if I earn a little less. It’s only a bit of trouble, not much more than what everybody else is facing. We should respect the decision of the government. This can be my contribution for the country’s progress. Don’t worry and board your train),” cab driver, Vipin Kumar, told him.

Arora ends his post by praising the cab driver. “He proved the PM Modi quote in which he said — common man of India always ready to face hardship in country’s interest,” he says on Facebook.