RSS plans to launch violent attacks on Kerala CPI(M), aims Godhra model repression, says intelligence report

RSS plans to launch violent attacks on Kerala CPI(M), aims Godhra model repression, says intelligence report.

Thiruvananthapuram/Kerala, August 5: As per the Kerala Police intelligence reports, if any of the BJP and RSS activists are killed in the state again, the RSS is would launch violent attacks everywhere in Kerala. The intelligence agencies got information from certain social media groups. The objectives and the persons to be targetted are clearly mentioned in the discussion. The RSS is planning to carry out attacks aiming at leaders and local groups which are threats to the RSS and there would be a deliberate move to create a provocation to make the first attack against the RSS.

The RSS is planning to carry out attacks on leaders and local groups threatening the RSS and areas where they are unable to invade. Discussions are clearly made in a manner that attack should be on certain targets only. RSS plans to focus CPIM leaders, party workers and their party offices.

According to the intelligence report, the RSS is planning to aim five districts. At least 25 attacks would be carried out in each district, purely aiming at the CPIM. In the recent past, the attacks against BJP is increasing. It seems that Hindus will not be able to live in Kerala if this situation is left to continue as such. So a retaliation is necessary.

The RSS remarks that a section of the population is scared after the heavy attack on the Kar Sevaks in Gujarat’s Godhra. These sections are not yet able to return to their earlier status financially or politically. So such a suppression is needed in Kerala too, as the discussion reads, according to the intelligence wing.

Another allegation is that the major political parties in Kerala are protecting a particular minority group. The discussion highlights the CPI(M) and Pinarayi Vijayan. Most of the CPI(M) followers have their thoughts against Ma Adani, who is imprisoned in Karnataka. But the party and Pinarayi Vijayan is taking steps favourable to Ma Adani. They are even citing the discussions on the CPIM cyber groups opposing Ma Adani.

Apart from Kannur, the RSS is facing severe threats in Thiruvananthapuram, a place in which RSS is strong. Thus the party is planning to launch stringent action to curb the violence. Certain information hints that the RSS plans to attack certain minority sections along with the CPIM. They evaluate that the provocations created in Malappuram and Kasargod have not attained the desired effect. So, they are getting prepared to launch violent attacks similar to the Thalassey mutiny, says the intelligence report.