Rubix Cube World record broken by 20 year old Dutch man

Netherlands,Nov8:A  20-year old man from the Netherlands has broken the Rubik’s Cube world record, solving it in 4.74 seconds – that’s less than the time that it takes most of us to even begin.

Mats Valk broke the record at the World Cube Association’s Jawa Timur Open in Indonesia on Sunday.

He beat the previous record — set by 14-year-old Lucas Etter in 2015 — by nearly 0.2 seconds, “an eternity in the world of competitive Rubik’s cubing,” reported Time Magazine.

Valk’s average time at the competition was 6.89 seconds. His rivals averaged from 10.00 seconds to 17.78 seconds for the same “solve”, as it is called in the Rubik’s Cube competition world.

Australia’s world cube champion Feliks Zemdegs was impressed.

Zemdegs of Melbourne still holds the record, based on the average of five solves.

But Zalk now holds the record for the fastest single solve