Rumour-mongers celebrate Jayalalithaa’s hospital stay

Chennai, October 6: On 22nd September following high fever and dehydration, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was admitted to the Apollo hospital, Chennai.

The state of Tamil Nadu is waiting for her to be back at her office, healthy. The government had maintained secrecy in disseminating information about the CM. This secrecy lead to spreading rumors as well as misconceptions about Jayalalithaa’s health status. The rumour-mongers had almost succeeded in triggering panic by using ‘credible sources’ to state that she has suffered a multiple-organ failure and entered a vegetative state.

To many old-timers, this brought back memory of what happened when Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister MGR was sick and was undergoing treatment abroad.


To rubbish all these rumours, Apollo hospital authorities began to release health bulletins on Jayalalithaa’s health periodically. Although the information was basic, it satisfactorily dispelled rumours about her temporarily. And as  rumours started resurfacing, Apollo started releasing its news bulletins again on Jayalalithaa’s health.

But these bulletins didn’t carry any concrete information about her health and the bulletins were not different from each other, reports

Each bulletin is worded identically — “The honorable Chief Minister has responded well to the treatment”. The honorable Chief Minister has been advised to stay at the hospital for a few days.”

The coming out of six such bulletins with the same refrain has made the gravity of the health update on Jayalalithaa a joke among the people. People, however, are actually concerned about the CM’s health.


Recently, a fake news letter resembling Apollo’s bulletin went viral on social media.

The letter, which bore the exact format of the Apollo letter head, can easily fool anyone who reads it in the first go. The letter dated 5th September stated, “The honorable Chief Minister was admitted due to honorable fever and honorable dehydration on 22nd September and is showing remarkable progress.”

Mischief-mongers have taken a dig at Amma medical shops and say, “Medicines from honorable Chief Minister’s Amma medical were imported to Apollo and are being administered to the honorable Chief Minister, which is the reason for her remarkable progress.”

Earlier, Apollo authorities mentioned that Jayalalithaa was under close observation. The letter mockingly states, “The honorable Chief Minister is being closely monitored by a team of doctors with powerful telescopes 24×7.” Finally, making fun of the inexplicably long hospitalisation of Jayalalithaa at Apollo without any clarity on her health status, the letter reads, “As we are expecting a hefty bill from the Tamil Nadu government, we advised further stay in the hospital for treatment, God only knows for what”.


Although the letter did get some people laughing in the social media, as many couldn’t differentiate it from the Apollo health bulletin immediately, it certainly did not go down well with Apollo Hospital authorities.

The authorities are in no mood to entertain such acts of mischief and said that they were closely monitoring social networking sites. They said miscreants and mischief-mongers would be definitely caught and punished.

Currently, 3 AIIMS doctors have been flown down by Apollo Hospitals. Pulmonologist Dr GC Khilnani, cardiologist Dr Nitish Nair and Dr Anja Trikha are reportedly to be consulted on the chief minister’s treatment.