Russia influenced Brexit vote, claims British MP

London, Dec 14 (IANS) A British Labour MP has claimed it is “highly probable” that Vladimir Putin’s Russia interfered in the June 23 Brexit vote, media reported on Wednesday.

Ben Bradshaw said Moscow’s likely interference in the vote would fit a pattern of meddling in other nations’ affairs, following the CIA’s accusation that Russian hackers tried to influence the recent US elections.

“I don’t think we have even begun to wake up to what Russia is doing when it comes to cyber warfare,” the Independent quoted Bradshaw as saying on Tuesday.

Bradshaw also pointed to French elections where Marine Le Pen’s National Front party asked Russia for a loan to help it fight presidential and parliamentary campaigns in 2017.

“When will we realise that Russia’s strategy is to weaken and divide the free world… When will we admit that what Putin can not achieve militarily, he is already achieving using cyber and propaganda warfare,” he said.

However, a Downing Street spokesman said he had not seen any evidence of Russian interference in the EU referendum.