Safety watchdog Euro NCAP has crash tested left hand drive variant of the Jeep Compass

Safety watchdog Euro NCAP has crash tested left hand drive version of the Jeep Compass

NewDelhi,Sept6:The Jeep Compass launched recently in India has made quite the dent in the Indian SUV segment by crossing the 10000 bookings mark in just a few weeks after launch. The petrol and diesel powered SUV is the most affordable Jeep in India. India is also the right hand drive manufacturing hub for the Jeep Compass.

Recently, safety watchdog Euro NCAP has crash tested the left hand drive version of the Jeep Compass and the SUV has scored a 5-star safety rating for the variant tested. The Jeep Compass scored a 90 per cent score for Adult occupant safety whereas child occupant safety was given an 83 per cent score. The Jeep Compass in the 4×4 Limited spec also scored 64 per cent on pedestrian safety.

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The Jeep Compass made in India is slightly different from the one that has been tested here. Apart from being a left hand drive car, the LHD Compass tested by Euro NCAP gets eight airbags as compared to the Indian car that gets 6 airbags on the top spec model. Both cars however do get similar structures and crumple zones. Both cars also get ISOFIX points at the rear for child seats.

Euro NCAP found that the passenger compartment remained stable in the frontal protecting the front occupants (in this case, crash dummies) from serious harm. The result also showcased good protection for rear passengers (irrespective of size of passenger) with minimal impact to critical areas like the knees or the chest. The side barrier tests also showcased protection to critical body areas but a more severe side pole impact showcased signs of rib compression. Unlike the Indian car, the left hand drive Jeep Compass is also equipped as standard with autonomous braking systems that help reduce whiplash type injuries at lower speeds.