Sahara Group paid crores of Rupees to Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi’s explosive corruption charge on PM

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Image: IANS

Mehsana, Dec 21: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today made explosive attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi claiming that he was paid huge money during his stint at Gujarat chief minister.
Gandhi said that Modi received crores from the Sahara Group and demanded an independent probe into the matter.
Gandhi, who had recently claimed to be in possession of evidence regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal involvement in corruption, also attacked the Centre over demonetisation calling it an anti-poor move during a rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana.
Here is Rahul’s Main Points:
If Narendra Modi ji’s government takes any big or small step to eradicate corruption, Congress party will support them.
Demonetisation move wasn’t made against corruption or black money; it was against the honest poor people.
All cash is not black money and all black money is not in cash.
This government is anti-poor, anti-dalits. The government has snatched land from tribals in states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand.
Dalits are being harassed and killed. They live in fear here in Gujarat.
Patidars didn’t resort to violence during their protests but their women and children were thrashed.
The Switzerland government has sent names of black money hoarders to PM Modi but he is protecting them. Why don’t you (PM Modi) reveal the names in Parliament?
Don’t know why Modiji did not target the 94% of black money but the other 6 per cent, did not target the 1 per cent corrupt but 99 per cent hones people.