Salma Hayek opens up about body insecurities as She Approaches 50

Los Angeles, Jun 23 :  Actress Salma Hayek says as she approaches the age of 50, she at times feels less confident in her body.

The 49-year-old actress said there are times when she goes through the low phase thinking about the way she looks, reported People magazine.

“Well I am entering my fifties so your body confidence isn’t that good. I think it depends on the day, for everybody.

“There’s some days you say, ‘This is it,’ and you love it.

Then there are days when you go, ‘This cannot be it! Is this really it?’ So I think it’s up and down all the time!,” Hayek said.

However, the actress does know how to feel like a royal in everyday life.

“You have to get up and become your own work of art; from the moment you put yourself together. Not that I do it! I am quite lazy in the queen department. But celebrate who you are and celebrate life, and know that this is your experience,” she said.

Hayek will next be seen playing a queen in the upcoming film “Tale of Tales”.