Salman Khan is only one among the top ten rich Bollywood actors, but richest in the number of controversies

Mumbai, October 26: The Bollywood muscle man Salman Khan, the celebrity actor, was always followed by certain controversies. Even though it affected his popularity, it never weakened his attitudes.

He is one among the top ten richest Bollywood actors in India. According to Real Net Worth study, he owns $200 Million.

He appeared in more than 80 films and became model in advertisements. He is considered as one of the busiest man and most controversial in Bollywood. Khan has been the subject of several controversies, including certain legal troubles.

Negligent driving and culpable homicide

Salman Khan was  arrested on 28 September 2002, for rash and negligent driving. Things became serious when his car ran into a bakery in Mumbai. In this accident, one person was killed, who was sleeping outside the bakery. Four others were also injured in this accident. In this case Salman Khan was found guilty by the Bombay Sessions Court.

The verdict concluded that while driving the car, he was drunk and was under the influence of alcohol, which resulted in the accident. The court had sentences five years imprisonment to him.

His driver then came forward with a testimony that he was actually driving the car while the accident took place. But the driver named Ashok Singh was arrested being accused of perjury. He had tried to mislead the court being a false testimony.

The death of the prime witness of this case, police constable Ravindra Patil, was on the security duty of Salman Khan. His death case is not yet proven, and still remains a mystery. In December 2015, Salman khan was acquitted of all the charges of this case, due to lack of evidence. The one and only evidence, the eye witness was murdered. Then what else would happen?

Affair with Aishwarya Rai 

Salman Khan’s relationship with Aishwarya Rai is an old topic in the history of Bollywood. They had a break-up in March 2002. And before long, Aishwrya Rai accused him of harassing her. She claimed that Khan had not been able to come to terms with their break-up and was hounding her. As a result her parents lodged a complaint against him.

Blackbuck poaching case

Salman Khan is still facing the court trials on account of the poaching case which started in 2006. In this regard, he was sentenced for a five-year jail term and remanded to Jodhpur jail until when he was granted bail. Salman Khan was acquitted in the blackbuck and chinkara poaching cases by the Rajasthan High Court on 24 July 2016. On 18 October 2016 the Rajasthan Government decided to approach Supreme Court against Salman Khan’s acquittal in two cases related to chinkara (black buck) poaching case.

Comments on Uri attack

On September 2016, Khan made a statement that, “The Pakistani artists are not terrorists. They came to India with valid visas and it is the Indian government who gave them the permission to work in India.”

Shera, Salman Khan’s bodyguard

Shera has been a close aide to Salman khan for the last 18 years. Salman’s film ‘Bodyguard’ is dedicated to Shera, which proves his acquaintance with Shera. A complaint has been registered against Shera for breaking a man’s collar bone and for threatening him using a gun. The incident occurred after a heated discussion between Shera and the victim.The complaint has been registered in DN Nagar police station, Mumbai.

With inputs from News Agency.