Salman Khan made me eat chicken ,says Swami Om of BigBoss10 fame

Salman Khan made me eat chicken ,says Swami Om of BigBoss10 fame

Mumbai,Jan 7:After his ouster from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om has not surprised us a bit. After the security personnel threw him out of the house, he took no time to give an interview to a TV channel. And as always, he goes on a rant about how he was mistreated inside the house and also how, except him, the entire house including the host of the show Salman Khan is anti-national.

He told the channel that he took his revenge from his fellow contestants by stooping down to such intolerable level since all of them used to adulterate his food by mixing it with drugs every day. Not only this, he even accused Salman Khan of being an ISI agent. Before you start feeling disgusted, here is more. According to Swami, the makers of the show threatened to kill him. And, his opponent in the captaincy task Bani J slept with Jason Shah for four days.

Despite the entire house cornering him and he becoming the target of Salman’s bashing, Swami maintained that he will be the winner of the house. Now we know why he made such claims and always blamed the makers for not letting him win. In the interview, he said, “The makers of the show kidnapped me and took away my licensed revolver. If they would have allowed me to take it inside the home, nobody could have stopped me from being the winner.”

Swami Om splashed his pee on Bani and Rohan during the captaincy task. Post his filthy act, the entire house demanded his exit from the show. And this time the makers of the show also decided that all of this should come to an end. The worst thing is the old man showed no signs of guilt for what he did. Rather, he talked to the cameras and told Bigg Boss that urine is no poison. So, even if he threw it on someone it is no crime. Later, when he felt that he might land himself in trouble, he announced that it was only water and not his urine that he threw on Bani.

Most of us wondered why Swami turned into a non-vegetarian despite his “Swami” status. He even had an answer to this. It was all because of Salman Khan, again!

According to Swami’s interview to the channel, Salman fooled him by sending chicken in the name of ‘baingan.’ But why would host Salman do any of this sort? Swami said, “Salman is against Hindutva. He wants to degrade the Hindu culture in front of the entire world. He has joined hands with underworld dons like Hafiz Saeed to succeed in his mission.”