Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi backs Salman Khan, says Shiv Sena indulging in ‘theatrics’

Mumbai, Oct 01: Extending support to Bollywood actor Salman Khan for his remarks on Pakistan artists, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi criticised Shiv Sena for its `frivolous theatrics`, and said if the party is really bothered about national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty, it should talk with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“I don`t think Salman Khan said anything wrong, nor are his statements harming our sentiments. I would like to say to the Shiv Sena to talk with Narendra Modi. They are the allies of the government. It is their government which has issued visas to them (the Pakistani actors). I am unable to fathom their theatrics given the fact that the bus connecting India and Pakistan is still running, both the countries ambassadors haven`t been called,” Azmi said.
Azmi further said that it is up to the government and the people to decide whether Pakistan artists remain in India or not and reminded the nation to treat guests with regard.
During a press conference Salman Khan said, “They (Pakistani actors) are artists, not terrorists. It`s the government who gives them permits and visas.”
Reacting to this, Shiv Sena leader and Maharashtra Industries Minister and Subhash Desai advised Salman to take lessons on national pride from his father Salim Khan.