Samajwadi Party Rift : Who will replace Ram Gopal Yadav as SP leader in Rajya Sabha?

New Delhi, Oct 25: Who will be the leader of the Samajwadi Party in the Rajya Sabha where it enjoys a healthy 19-MP head count, now what Ram Gopal Yadav has been shown the exit door?

Insiders say that big boss Mulayam Singh Yadav is keen to give a Kurmi leader a chance this time, what with impending state elections, and  hence the choice may come down to Beni Prasad Verma or Reoti Raman Singh.
A quick decision is necessary as the Rajya Sabha will convene on November 16, as otherwise the party will be headless, and direction-less, in the Upper House.
And what about Ram Gopal Yadav’s own status? If his expulsion letter reaches the chairman of the Rajya Sabha in time he will become an unattached member; but if a compromise is reached before that, he will remain a simple MP. Nothing more, nothing less.
Perhaps Mulayam Singh took the decision to expel his cousin from the party as a knee-jerk reaction, without going into the consequences of removing the leader of his party in the Rajya Sabha. With the result that he is faced with the problem of finding a quick replacement.