Sanders votes for Clinton

Burlington (Vermont), Nov 9 (IANS) Hillary Clinton’s Democratic primary rival, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, voted in Burlington and he released a video on social media, saying he hopes people will do the same.

Sanders ripped Trump for suggesting the election is “rigged” if he loses, The Guardian online reported.

“It’s kind of a special day,” the Vermont Senator said after he cast his vote for Clinton.

“When I am on the ballot, Jane and I usually drive around the state to kill some time and wait for the results to come in, but we have a beautiful day today. I hope we have a very large voter turnout,” Sanders said.

“I hope today we defeat Donald Trump and we defeat him badly,” Sanders continued.

“I think when you have a campaign like Mr. Trump’s where the cornerstone of his campaign is based on bigotry and trying to divide us up, I think it is very bad for our country.”