Sasikala forced Sheela Balakrishnan to resign; is it true?

Did Sasikala forced Sheela Balakrishnan to resign?

Chennai, Feb. 4: It is a truth that the former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa was an unbeatable leader, who reigned the State for years. From 1983, Sheela Balakrishnan was there with Jayalalithaa in various roles and whichever role Jayalalithaa wanted her to be, from the position of Chief Secretary to Advisory to Chief Minister. Sasiakla was also with Jayalalithaa as her close aide. Anyway, Sheela Balakrishnan was vegetated after the’unexpectedly expected’ death of Jayalalithaa.

After the unexpected death of CM Jayalalithaa, the Tamil Nadu Politics gained extraordinary importance, as the public experienced a literal fist-fight for power, by certain close aides of Jayalalithaa. Experienced and educated hands were deactivated and silenced. Moreover, within a few days after the demise of the former CM Jayalalithaa, her aide whom Tamil Nadu people consider as CM’s house maid has been made the AIADMK chief. Authenticated, Jayalalithaa’s death was unexpected only for a minority. Sure, a playwright would know the climax too.

Many had raised their voices against the indigestible information on Jayalalithaa’s hospitalisation drama and her death thereafter, “being jailed in the ‘isolation room’ in the Apollo hospital, Chennai”. Why because, Jayalalithaa was never allowed to see anyone from outside and no one from outside is allowed to see her after being admitted at Apollo hospital.

Interestingly, in a latest development, Mrs. Sheela Balakrishnan, Jayalalitaa’s confidante and loyalist, on friday, quit as adviser to the Tamil Nadu Government, a post to which she was appointed by the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in March 2014, after her superannuation from civil services.

According to reliable sources from AIADMK, three top bureaucrats, including adviser to the Tamil Nadu government Sheila Balakrishnan, had been asked to resign on Friday night.

Chief Minister O Pannerselvam was Jayalalitaa’s most trusted follower who be came the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu when Jayalalitaa had to be away from her power. And Pannerselvam returned the Chair of Chief Minister to Jayalalitaa, when she was acquitted by the Court.

The precedence has continued this time also, when Jayalaitaa had to continue in hospital for long, Pannerselvam became unanimously proposed by the AIADMK MLAs to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Just after the demise of Jayalalithaa, these MLAs who were in support of Jayalalithaa and Pannerselvam has double-crossed both of them and they wanted former CM’s aide as their party chief. Surprisingly, one more news is spreading that the AIADMK MLAs are demanding Sasikala’s swearing-in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

According to reliable sources, Sasikala may take over from O Panneerselvam, who was appointed CM after the demise J Jayalalithaa in December, on February 8. AIADMK MLAs are likely to take the final decision in this regard on Sunday.

Still there are feeble voices against Sasikala becoming the CM of Tamil Nadu, but a well written script will always have closed ends. To quash such dissidents within, Sasikala had appointed former minister KA Sengottaiyan and former mayor Saidai S Duraisamy as organization secretaries. Reportedly, Sasikala removed Ambattur MLA V Alexander from the position of AIADMK’s MGR Youth Wing secretary, another strategic move.

Apparently, the whole of AIADMK is urging Sasikala to take over the Chief Ministership of Tamil Nadu.

Is Jayalalitaa nominated Pannerselvam corrupted or under-qualified, to continue as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister?

Is Sheela Balakrishnan, former Chief Secretary proved incapable to continue as advisory to the Government?

Sasikala’s script is still unfolding.