Sasikala gang would shift Jayalalithaa to Veda Nilayam or to the farm house, while Tamil Nadu faces political crisis

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram.

Chennai, October 7:  Yesterday’s press release by Apollo Hospital was almost silent on the exact duration of the chief minister need to stay in the hospital. But the description of the treatment advised by the panel of experts evidently say that Jayalalithaa may have to stay at hospital for a long time.

Sometimes she would need to stay there for a few months, substantiating the reports spreading all around the world that she is living on a life support system.

But things have changed and it may not be easy for the Sasikala gang to hoodwink the public anymore.

With the release issued on Thursday by the hospital management, there is a strong possibility of the Sasikala gang shifting Jayalalithaa to either Veda Nilayam or to the farm house in Old Mahabalipuram Road, say people who are privy to the goings in the Sasikala camp.

Old timers point out how the AIADMK managed with a physically and mentally incapacitated MG Ramachandran from 1984 to 1987. MGR, who had a paralytic stroke much before the 1984 assembly election had to be admitted to a hospital in the USA. The AIADMK won the 1984 assembly election because of the sympathy generated by the hospitalisation of MGR.

The first report issued by the management of Apollo Hospital on September 23 stated that Jayalalithaa was admitted to the hospital on September 22 due to fever and dehydration. “Treatment was commenced immediately and by the very next day fever was brought under control. The chief minister resumed regular diet and is under observation since then,” according to the release.

In a press meet on September 25, the hospital management has denied rumours and conjectures circulated falsely in the social media about the chief minister’s health condition and also termed totally false and baseless over the reports that she was being taken abroad for treatment. “The chief minister is responding well to the treatment and continues to get better. She will be discharged from the hospital in a few days and will soon resume her normal official duties,” said S Viswanathan, COO.

Since then there has been deterioration in the health of Jayalalithaa and there are reports that she is under life support system. The Chennai media is afraid to write anything unfavourable to Jayalalithaa or her immediate associates, lest they would be hauled up to the court by slapping criminal defamation cases.

The report is that with Jayalalithaa lying unconscious in the hospital, it is a coterie led by Sasikala Natarajan which is calling the shots in Tamil Nadu. Even the ministers in Jayalalithaa’s cabinet are not allowed to see her. It is a pathetic sight to see the members of the council of ministers in the Jayalalithaa cabinet coming to the Apollo Hospitals every day morning and standing outside the main gate with the hope of getting a call from the Chinnamma (as Sasikala is known).

The only outsider who is allowed anywhere near the ward where Jayalalithaa is undergoing treatment is Sheela Balakrishnan, the former chief secretary. She has been appointed as the Chief Minister’s private secretary following her superannuation from the IAS. It is the 62-year-old Sheela Balakrishnan who supervises the state administration in the absence of the chief minister.

But things have changed and it may not be easy for the Sasikala gang to hoodwink the public and the Centre about the medical condition of Jayalalithaa.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, senior BJP leader, had said in a tweet immediately after the hospital authorities releasing the medical bulletin of the chief minister that there is a defacto President’s rule in Tamil Nadu which is illegal.

“Sheela Balakrishnan and Ramanujam, the former DGP are running the administration,” said Dr Swamy.

He wanted the Centre to consider dejure President’s rule in Tamil Nadu for six months so that Jayalalithaa can undergo full medical treatment.

The law and order situation in the State is in bad shape,” tweeted Dr Swamy.

Meanwhile there are reports that the DMK is trying to destabilise the AIADMK government.

“They are in talks with the AIADMK legislators who have expressed their desire to cross over to the DMK camp. If some 35 MLAs decide to resign from the House, the AIADMK government is in for a major trouble.

Karunanidhi, the 93 year old president of the DMK is a man in a hurry. “He wants to become the chief minister at the earliest so that when he dies he could be interned somewhere in the Marina Beach close to Annadurai and MGR, who have their memorials there,” said a senior DMK leader.