Sasikala Natarajan supporters attack MP Sasikala Pushpa’s Lawyer outside AIADMK office

Interestingly, the arrest comes on a day when the party will announce the successor of former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa who breathed her last on December 5.

Chennai, December 28: Before the AIADMK meet a violent incident had taken place, where the supporters of Sasikala Natarajan has attacked the lawyer and advisory of MP Sasikala Pushapa.

In the attack, Sasikala Pushpa’s counsel K M Vijayan was heavily thrashed by the AIADMK members who support Sasikala Natarajan, outside the AIADMK office.

Earlier, MP Sasikala Pushpa had raised her disagreements in the issue of making Sasikala Natarajan as the AIADMK Chief. She had also urged the party to refrain from the decision of selecting Sasikala Natarajan as the party’s general secretary.

At this juncture, Sasikala Pushpa’s counsel K M Vijayan has made a statement that the party bylaws do not allow in any circumstances to make Sasikala Natarajan to be elected to the post. Reportedly, K M Vijayan also asked the court to make the election commission a respondent in the case, where it includes politics, election and thus the role of election commission.

This open expression of the disagreement to make Sasikala Natarajan as the AIADMK chief would have ignited such a drastic move against Sasikala Pushpa’s counsel K M Vijayan.

While asked by media about the incident, AIADMK leader Saraswathi had defended the party members who in turn targetted Sasiakala Pushpa’s Advocate. Saraswathi seemed to be arguing for the attackers saying that Sasikala Pushpa is alreadu expelled from the party and she is no more allowed to enter the AIADMK office.