Sasikala Natarajan’s G-18. Who are they? Mannargudi Mafia?

Chennai, Feb 06: What caught everyone’s eyes on Tuesday was how Sasikala’s 18 family members had surrounded the mortal remains of the late Jayalalithaa in full public glare at Rajaji Hall, Chennai.

Why were they paraded so openly, when during her lifetime Jayalalithaa had kept them firmly away from her Poes Garden bungalow, including M Natarajan, the husband of Sasikala?
Out of the 18, some, including Sasikala herself, are facing various legal cases.
So was there a fear that Jayalalithaa’s family might throw them out? Will Jayalalithaa’s relatives claim the release of the will authored and registered by the late chief minister which contains details of her properties?
Political watchers in Tamil Nadu are curious about which way things will take a turn now, and are convinced that the 18 family members are a pointer to the future developments not only within the ruling AIADMK but also in the government of Tamil Nadu.