Sasikala on parole cannot interact with media or move freely to anywhere

Sasikala on parole cannot interact with media or move freely to anywhere

Chennai/Tamil Nadu, October 6: After eight months jail term in Bengaluru, Parappana Agrahara Jail, VK Sasikala, the ousted AIADMK leader has got a 5-day parole to visit her ailing husband Natarajan.

Sasikala had been in prison since the Supreme Court convicted her in the disproportionate assets case in February 2017.

A week ago Sasikala has pleaded for a 15-day parole, which was denied. The parole application gave the reason that her husband is in critical condition who is waiting for multiple organ transplantation. But later Natarajan had undergone Liver-Kidney transplantation.

But she was allowed parole with heavy restrictions that she cannot participate in any public meeting or change the house which she resides. Sasikala may visit the Hospital where Natarajan was admitted from 9 AM to 5 PM. Sasikala shall not interact with media by any means under any circumstances.

She is not even allowed to entertain visitors or to involve in any political or party activities.

Sasikala’s husband M Natarajan, 74, was admitted to the Liver Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in Chennai. natarajan was suffering from multiple organ failures along with lung congestion.
As it was expected that she would be released on parole today, many supporters were gathered in front of the Bengaluru Parappana Agrahara Jail. Her Nephew TTV Dinakaran was also there to welcome her.

Sasikala who is in a jail term of six years has been convicted in the disproportionate assets case. The former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was also one of the convicts.

Sasikala was a close aide of Jayalalithaa. For many years, Sasikala was with Jayalalithaa. After Jayalalithaa’s passing in December 2016, her aide Sasikala placed herself as the general secretary of AIADMK. She even tried to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.