“Sasya Ganapathi” Eco-friendly Ganpati idol which can later be watered to grow a tree

"Sasya Ganapathi" Eco-friendly Ganpati idol which can later be watered to grow a tree. Photo: Twitter.

New Delhi, August 1: The celebration of World Environment Day “Sasya Ganapathi” Eco-friendly Ganpati idol, which can later be watered to grow a tree is an innovative idea developed by 4 friends, which became a great success. 4 childhood friends Bharat, Puneet, Sudhakar and Vivek with passion and dedication have decided to develop the innovative thought. They got the inspiration to grow plants when they frequently come across the ill effects of global warming and they all started planting saplings at their home.

The main concept of  the 4 friends is that, only on that particular day, people speak and think about global warming. Most of the colleges celebrated the day by planting saplings. The rest of the days, no one bothers to reduce pollution or plant trees.

Final year B. Com student sudhakar along with Bharat and Puneet who were doing BCA and Vivek who was in the final semester of his engineering course. The 4 friends decided to look the world in a different perspective rather than posting a status on Facebook. They motivate others to plant a tree by developing an extraordinary idea. it was time for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. most of the houses in india welcomes ganesha idols and it also made by plaster of paris causing more harm to the environment than good

It was time for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Most of the houses in India welcomes Ganesha idols made with Plaster of Paris causing harm to the environment.

After digging out off the innovative idea, the friends then started researching on how they could sow a seed in the same pot where the Visarjan (excreta) was also be done.  The 4 friends tried different techniques to grow plants. After a research development spanning for almost six to seven months, the team came up with the perfect Ganesha Puja kit and named it Sasya Ganapathi.

A year ago, the ‘Tree Ganesh’, an innovative idea by a 30 years old Lower Parel resident had experimented, making an idol, which can later be watered and grown to a tree. As he succeeded in doing so, Dattadri Kothur posted his innovative developed idea on the social media and received much appreciation for it.

This year, when he started making such idols for sale, within two days, over 300 people called him to book them in advance. The aim is to reduce the atmospheric pollution level and the harmful effect on the environment caused due to the use of Plaster of Paris. The concept helps to contribute to the environment while we celebrate festivals.”