‘Saviour’ Trump and ‘Angel’ Hillary: Superheroes for Indians

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win,” goes the line attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. But last month, on the eve of Super Tuesday—when a dozen states cast ballots for the Republican presidential nomination—you could find it on Donald Trump’s Instagram page, the caption to a photograph of a massive rally in Alabama the day before.

Perverse as it may seem for the belligerent real estate magnate to channel even apocryphal Gandhi wisdom, the line is apt. On the other end, we have Hillary Clinton hailed as angel by Indians as well as American-Indians.

Expecting a ‘Ramarajya’ or ‘Thy Kingdom’ or ‘Allah’s Kingdom of Heaven’, we Indians are always tempted to worship politicians, irrespective of the space.

Divine Donald Trump

On a hot afternoon in Delhi, a group of men sat around a fire chanting Hindu mantras.

Idols of Shiva and Hanuman watched on as the group performed a havan puja, a ceremony of worship which they hoped would bring good fortune for the subject of their prayers.

Someone had printed out a picture of his face and thumbed vermillion on his forehead, in a sign of reverence.

Alongside the incense, offerings and Hindu gods, he looked somewhat out of place, but the photograph was instantly recognizable: it was Donald Trump.

“We have kept the prayer to ask the gods to favor Trump in the election,” Vishnu Gupta, Hindu Sena’s president said to Washington Post.

Mr. Gupta said his group was endorsing Mr. Trump for his staunch anti-terror rhetoric, including his controversial proposal to temporarily ban Muslim non-citizens from entering the U.S.

‘Indian- Americans for Hillary’

Though Donald Trump mocked Indian call centre worker during an election rally last week, we were prompt in holding a ‘Pooja’ for ‘Saviour Trump’. Soon after the Hindu Sena’s gimmick of worshipping, Hillary Clinton stepped up like an angel to support the Indians in US.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has slammed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for mocking an Indian call centre worker during an election rally last week, saying it shows disrespect towards the community and is reflective of his divisive rhetoric.

“Donald Trump mocking Indian workers is just typical of his disrespect that he has shown to groups across the spectrum,” said John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton Campaign.

“He has run a campaign of bigotry and division. I think that’s quite dangerous for the country when you think about the fact that you need friends, allies. The kind of campaign he is running breeds disrespect across the globe and breeds division and danger here at home,” he told reporters in Germantown, Maryland after formally launching ‘Indian- Americans for Hillary’, an effort by the community to rally behind the Democratic presidential front runner.

In her defense, Clinton has impeccable credentials and experience. She is the only former resident of the White House who is in the fray, and may even be the only one ever in history.

There is the sentimental thought that it is about time that a woman became the most powerful person in the world, the POTUS (the President of the United States). The history of the current president, Barack Obama, being another first, a non-white, also suggests this is a good thing. And god knows we could use more women politicians, with Germany’s Angela Merkel, who was doing so well until the refugee crisis, is now on a downswing.

Although it is also possible that it was just cold political calculation, and not some old-fashioned sense of loyalty, that induced her to stay by his side.

Then there is the other sympathy factor that she came so close to winning against Barack Obama some years ago, but ended up, surprisingly, losing the nomination to him in 2008. Now is her turn, some might feel. Besides, she is considered a very energetic, hardworking person, who has the facts at her fingertips.