SC objects to send Hadiya with Sheffin: Sends her to Salem for studies, Deen made her local guardian

Kerala's love jihad: SC to hear Hadiya case today

New Delhi, November 27: The Supreme Court on Monday heard Hadiya in the controversial Kerala Live Jihad case.  Hadiya’s father has asked the Court to hear her in a closed room but the court denied it.

While interacting with the court, Hadiya said that she wants freedom. She also expressed her wish to continue her studies. She added that she did not want to continue her studies with government aid. She said she wants to study at the expense of her husband. Moreover, she expresses her wish to live in accordance with her belief.

The Court denied to sent her along with Sheffin Jahan. The Court sent her neither along with husband nor with her father.

Hadiya has asked the court to allow her to go to her friend’s house in Kozhikode. But the court denied that too.

The Supreme Court has sent her to the college at Salem for completing her studies.

Though Hadiya denied having a local guardian there, the Supreme Court assigned the University Deen as her local guardian.

While the Kerala Government has asked to take her to Salem, where she is proposed to complete her studies.

Hadiya is the focus of the controversial Kerala Love Jihad case. She was taken to the Supreme Court with high security.

NIA stated in the Court that Hadiya’s so-called husband Sheffin Jahan has connections with the Islamic State Terrorist group. Sheffin Jahan had talked to an IS recruiter, and there is video proof, stated Ashokan’s advocate in the Supreme Court.

NIA also asserted that Satyasarani, from where Hadiya was converted to Muslim, is a centre for religious conversion.

Reportedly, Stockholm syndrome was also alleged at Hadiya. It is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.

Her father Ashokan had raised certain serious allegations that her mental state is not stable.

Hadiya had earlier revealed to the media that her conversion to Islam and her marriage with Sheffin Jahan is according to her own wish.

The Supreme Court has criticised the observations, an of the Kerala High Court in reference to the case of Hadiya’s conversion and marriage with Sheffin Jahan.

The Supreme Court heard Hadiya’s father Ashokan and the National Investigation Agency in this regard.