Scientists discover magmatic lake under dormant volcano in south America

La Paz,Nov10:Scientists have discovered a huge magmatic lake, 15 kilometres below a dormant volcano in South America, a finding that could unlock why and how volcanoes erupt.

The body of water – which is dissolved into partially molten rock at a temperature of almost 1,000 degrees Celsius – is the equivalent to what is found in some of the world’s giant freshwater lakes, such as Lake Superior.

 The finding by researchers from University of Bristol in the UK and colleagues has led scientists to consider if similar bodies of water may be ‘hiding’ under other volcanoes and could help explain why and how volcanoes erupt.

“The Bolivian Altiplano has been the site of extensive volcanism over past 10 million years, although there are no currently active volcanoes there,” said Professor Jon Blundy, who was part of the project at Cerro Uturuncu volcano in the Bolivian Altiplano.

“The Altiplano is underlain by a large geophysical anomaly at depths of 15 km below the surface of Earth.