Search ‘tiny hands’ and Twitter will show Trump on top

New York, Jan 26 (IANS) If you type “tiny hands” in the Twitter search bar, the first recommendation you will get is the 45th US President Donald Trump.

According to a report in technology website TechCrunch, Trump is probably showing up in the results owing to a algorithmic mishap and Twitter may choose to manually remove his profile from such results.

Earlier when Twitter users looked for ‘asshole’ and ‘racist’, Trump showed up at the top but his profile has now been removed from these search results.

The bizarre search result was noticed by historian Greg Jenner, co-host of “Inside Versailles” show and consultant on the comedic history show “Horrible Histories”.

With Trump being a regular user of the micro-blogging site, it remains to be seen when Twitter removes his profile from being shown at such search results, the report added.