Secret drones detected in Delhi Airport and parliament area, security forces on high alert

Secret drones detected in Delhi Airport and parliament area, security forces on high alert

New Delhi, September 25: The security control room at Delhi Airport reported three case of drone sighting in the last two weeks, also seen one near to the Parliament have kept Delhi police on their toes.

According to reports, Delhi Airport’s security control room received three call of drones sighting from three different parts of the city in the last couple of week.

on September 17 around 10 pm,the Delhi police security control room was informed about the sighting of a drone like object in the parliament area. official of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) stated a unnatural anonymity The air traffic controller at Delhi air port was asked to check the radar but the drone movement are ussually not captured on the ATC radar.

Airport official stated that every month, nearly 6-7 cases of pilots getting distracted by different objects are reported from near the airport, but security agencies are yet to find a clue in any of the cases.

In most of the cases, pilots report the location in nautical miles because of which the police have been unable to make a breakthrough in any of the over 100 cases reported in the past two years.

In the second incident on September 9, Delhi Police control room informed the ATC about presence of a drone like flying object over a hospital in Mehrauli. The Delhi Police searched the area but could not find anything.

 “Third incident happened on September 3, when an unknown person called Delhi Police control room and said that a drone was spotted near Vikaspuri. Again the Delhi ATC was informed and asked to check the radar. Local police was also asked to check the surrounding but nothing suspicious was found,” the official added.

Police say usually, flight movement is not stopped when pilots report such sightings.